SAFTA Background

SAFTA is the culmination of professional development, industry research and airline trials resulting in a high security sealing device to secure in-flight carts and canisters.

For the last thirty years in-flight equipment has been principally secured by single use plastic seals and locked by ineffective padlocks which offered little deterrent to thieves. It is estimated by IATA that losses in excess of $50m per year from duty free and retail theft is extremely conservative.

The threat from international terrorism is ever present and the detection of unauthorised packages being inserted in carts and canisters is a major concern for airline security and law enforcement agencies.

The need for a security device to alert against such occurrences was high on the list of requirements when Security Seal Technology engineers were commissioned to minimise the risks associated with theft and terrorist attack.

Security Seal Technology studied aviation logistics systems and it was clear that there was a requirement for the development of a high security seal which could identify individual staff, record all operations and ensure set procedures were followed.

Due to the investment in existing galley stock it was also evident that the new seal had to be designed in such a manner that it could retrofit onto most carts and canisters currently in circulation, irrespective of the manufacturer or supplier of those assets.

SAFTA embodies all of these requirements and holds the EASA Form 1 Release to service certification.

Patent protection has been applied for the SAFTA device in UK, Europe and USA.

Securing Against Fraud And Tampering Activity

  • SAFTA is a highly sophisticated security seal device designed to detect unauthorised attempts to access in flight carts and canisters

  • It has been designed to retro-fit onto existing galley carts and canisters, irrespective of manufacturer

  • The seal will record any attempt at forced entry and the high definition OLED screen immediately displays “Tamper Alert” notifying staff an attempt has been made to gain access, thus indicating that further action is required prior to normal use.

  • SAFTA Records all operations – Full Audit Trail facility with Bluetooth download. All data transferred within seconds making investigation into attempted theft much easier to detect where and when an attack took place

  • Asset management and loss prevention of galley carts and canisters facilitated through seals identifying last location with output of information to management reporting portal

  • Using the SAFTA system carts & canisters are allocated a unique I/D number. Every time they pass through a kitchen or bond for cleaning and restocking, data is collected and passed to the cloud based database for future reference when required

  • Electronic Sealing operated by Bluetooth through hand held mobile device

  • Database and system security updates can be synchronised to all seals via cloud technology

  • Clone Proof Seal – Quasi Pseudo Random Seal Number

  • Guaranteed not to repeat seal number in successive operations



  • Retrofitting can be carried out on site by a chosen MRO who we will train, the device can be tailored to all shapes and sizes. 

  • We also offer the service of returning the carts and canisters pre fitted with SAFTA

  • We install the SAFTA Management Portal system tailored to meet airline specific requirements where possible