• SST has developed and continues to develop products to combat the increasing losses being incurred by airlines and a broad range of transport sectors due to theft and fraud.
  • SST offers a new concept in electronic sealing of goods and assets previously secured by easily tampered with traditional forms of sealing.
  • A very large retrofit market exists for attaching the revolutionary SAFTA seal to existing airline galley carts.
  • SST has product solutions to help combat widely acknowledged increasing security threats to the airline and rail sectors (Whistle-blower Report)
  • SSTs electronic seals provide support for product traceability (asset tracking).
  • Electronic Sealing supports the carbon footprint reduction initiatives through the elimination of single use plastic seals. One medium sized Middle East airline reported to us that they use and dispose of circa 14 million plastic seals per annum and another larger airline reports their usage of plastic seals as closer to 36 million or 100,000 per day


At Security Seal Technology, quality, innovation and friendly service are at the heart of everything we offer. We passionately engineer products for airlines and their service companies that set new standards for the industry by improving security and saving money.

From the outstanding build quality of our products and their reliable high performance to their easy repair, the operational benefits speak for themselves.