At SAFTA, quality, innovation and friendly service are at the heart of everything we offer. We passionately engineer products for transport and logistic companies that set new standards for the industry by improving security, reducing emissions and providing answers.

From the outstanding build quality of our products and their reliable innovating performance to their ease of operation, the benefits speak for themselves.

Reach Net- zero emission goals

Elimination of single use plastics will aid a freight or transport company in achieving its carbon footprint reduction targets and implementing the SAFTA logistic system to replace the hundreds of millions of plastic seals currently in use, will be a significant contributor towards this.

Combat losses incurred by theft and damage

TAPA EMEA, states there is a global issue of increasing theft and loss within supply chains in 2024, 26% of these losses stemming from thefts within facilities. It is clearly reported supply chain security professionals can only manage risks and prevent losses when they know what those threats are most likely to be.  SAFTA logistic can offer that; our system can track where and when losses and thefts are most likely creating the data the supply chain managers desperately require.

Ensure reliability

The seal will record any attempt at forced entry and the high definition E – link display screen immediately displays “Tamper Alert” notifying staff an attempt has been made to gain access, thus indicating that further action is required prior to normal use.
SAFTA then records all operations – Full Audit Trail facility with Bluetooth download. All data is transferred within seconds making investigation into attempted theft much easier to detect where and when an attack took place.